How to Speed ​​Up WIFI Internet Connection

How to speed ​​up WIFI internet connection – for some people, internet connection speed is considered to be able to give a negative assessment, especially if you look at the current uneven distribution of internet access speed in the era of information technology that is so fast. How not, only in certain areas in Indonesia can enjoy fast internet. This means that the rest of the area will inevitably have to wait for infrastructure development. But, there’s nothing wrong if you try to optimize it from the user’s point of view. For example, by following these steps.

Easy Ways to Speed ​​Up WiFi Internet Connection | Newest

How to Speed ​​Up WIFI Internet Connection

How to Speed ​​Up WIFI Internet Connection

Currently, internet users are not only using PCs (personal computers) or laptops, but many are using mobility devices, such as smartphones or tablets. The following will explain how to speed up WiFi internet connection based on the most frequently used devices How to speed ​​up WIFI internet connection.

On PC (Personal Computer) or Laptop

Setting Internet Bandwidth

The first way to speed up WiFi internet connection is to set the internet bandwidth connected to the PC device, the method is as follows.

First, open the Run program using the Keyboard Shortcut Win + R.
Type “gpedit.msc” without the double quotes above, then press enter or OK

Select the Computer Configuration menu, then select Administrative Templates.
Select the Network – QoS Packet Scheduler menu.

Go directly to the Settings tab or Settings by clicking 2x Limit Reservable Bandwidth.

Under Limit Reservable Bandwidth settings, select Enabled.

Go to the Options option.

Select Bandwidth Limit (%) and enter the number “0”.

Click on the Apply – Ok button.

Disk Cleanup & Defragment

Basically, when you use the internet, it will certainly greatly affect the speed of the system in processing data. To speed up the internet connection on your PC, there are two alternatives that you can do, namely doing a disk cleanup and disk defragmentation. The steps are as follows.

Disk Cleanup Hard Disk
Open the Disk Cleanup program.
Select which Drive to clean.
Press the OK button.
Continue by selecting which files are not very important and want to be cleaned.
Hit the Ok button and you’re done.
Hard Disk Defrag
First, please find and open the Defragment and Optimize Drives program.
Select which Local Drive you want to optimize.
Click on the Optimize button.
Wait a few moments until the fragmentation process is complete.
Antivirus Software
Another alternative to getting a fast and easy internet connection is through antivirus software or applications. Although it sounds trivial, this one method is powerful enough to speed up internet connection on your PC. Don’t forget to always update the antivirus you are using.

On Android (Mobile Smartphone) devices

Blocking and Removing Ads
Whether you realize it or not, advertisements that often appear on a web page can actually make your internet connection slow and slow, because you have to load even more data. Therefore, to increase internet connection speed on Android you can try to block and remove ads on your device. How to block ads on Android is very easy, by using a browser equipped with AdBlock features, such as UC Browser or Opera Browser. Another alternative is to use the AdAway app.

Lite Mode
Usually, browser applications on today’s cellphones are equipped with various advanced features to speed up the loading process. One of them is the Lite Mode feature which can be found in the Google Chrome application. This feature is claimed to be able to access web pages faster and can reduce up to 60% of data usage.

Well, that’s the newest easy way to speed up internet connection. Hope the information is useful.


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