Simple Ways to Overcome Smartphone Waste of Battery

Simple ways to overcome smartphone waste of battery – smartphones have indeed become part of our daily lives, and almost all people have these devices, with the proliferation of smartphones on the market today, and also at affordable prices, but for most of us we may have to travel long and far, well. here sometimes there are problems with the battery, indeed there are many powerbanks at affordable prices, but if friends have not bought a powerbank, then follow the wasteful smartphone battery when using the following simple method.

By having a Power Bank, then our smartphone battery will be safe, on the way, but if it takes too long then, the battery that is drained will also be a lot with a signal condition that really sucks the battery, and to save a friend’s smartphone battery then do this step, it’s not too difficult but can keep the battery durable during the trip, let alone assisted with a PowerBank.

Set screen brightness

screen brightness can be the first choice, to save battery, by reducing automatic brightness then saving battery usage will be more efficient, the screen brightness is the lowest according to our eyes, and also turns off the screen automatically not too long, usually one minute Simple ways to overcome smartphone waste of battery.

Turn off unnecessary Connections

Turning off connections that are not needed will also provide a hefty savings, usually GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and Wifi, often forget to turn off, after using this feature immediately turn it off, what often and sucks the battery is GPS, and often forgets and doesn’t turn off, goes to settings to turn off the feature.

Simple Ways to Overcome Smartphone Waste of Battery

Simple Ways to Overcome Smartphone Waste of Battery


Using this WiFi facility is also an option to save battery when in public places with WiFi facilities, then using this WiFi network facility is proven to save battery compared to using cellular service, turn off the cellular data connection using WiFi.

Turn off screen

Turning off the screen also helps save battery, after using a smartphone, you should turn off the screen, before putting it in a friend’s pocket or bag, besides that, turning off the screen prevents accidental calls, or unintentional activities.

Place the smartphone correctly

Actually this is trivial but it also has an effect, placing the smartphone in a hot place will reduce the battery faster, such as placing it on the dashboard of a car or close to the heat, users generally do not realize that placing it near heat will reduce battery life.

Software Updates

Doing software updates regularly, by doing SOFTWARE UPDATES, we will get the latest firmware, and with the latest firmware updates on battery power usage will also be updated automatically, update before traveling far and check back for the latest smartphone updates.

Make sure the application is closed

Make sure to properly close the application when you are not using it, because it may still run in the background of the screen if you open another application before turning off another application. iPhone, for example, double-press the Home button and swipe up to close open apps. Similarly, on Android devices press and hold the home button and swipe right to close open apps.

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